Art of living

Reflecting all four seasons, light basks in the memory of the château's heritage, revealing its architecture, decor and colours.


The Moissac adventure began in 1993. We were living on the Côte d’Azur, I am an art-of-living stylist for home decor magazines. We were looking for a home in Provence, dreaming about the countryside and beautiful old stone.

A simple desire for landscapes as far as the eye can see, fresh air, a setting to match our way of living. When we discovered the building of Moissac-Bellevue, beside the village, it was just a ruin. Even so… it was love at first sight !


A zest of imagination and… my profession, focusing on esthetics, the language of objects, and the passion of my husband Louis for restoration, arts and crafts, launched us into the lifestyle of a noble family in Provence. Being able to revive the taste for simple splendour in an early 17th-C. leisure residence became our plan.

During the reconstruction, each wall, each room, door and hearth began to echo the history of the old residence. Warm tones, precise and carefully appraised architecture, work on materials and the garden, vines lovingly re-planted by Louis, all reflect the property’s original soul. Casting a critical eye on both lofty volumes and the smallest objects is an exercice for one’s gaze, honed by relationships of complicity with photographers from the magazine Maisons Côté Sud, with which I have worked for over 20 years.

My daughter Manuella, a fashion stylist, was a precious ally in the quest for a simple art of living inspired by beauty. Involved, delicate, her contemporary vision extends the life of the château by giving it a creative aura. After centuries of abandon, a heart began to beat again at the Château de Moissac-Bellevue.

Inspired by creativity, photographers, designers and stylists will always be welcome here to give free rein to their fantasies, and create a world that belongs to them. In more confidential mode, we also host small private events. On each occasion, they are unique experiences, privileged encounters of cosmopolitan charm.

I always dreamed of Moissac as the stage for all our desires. A source of inspiration, quality and secret sharing, where the sense of taste conveyed by the residence’s past would be turned towards generosity. A house of sincerity where one feels truly comfortable, and where the tradition of hospitality so typical of the Provençal countryside is naturally perpetuated.

It is now our family home, anchored in an eternal but contemporary Provence, open to creativity more than ever before.

Marie-Christine Caviglione